Committee Biography: Lisa Hawksworth

Humanities & Social Sciences Faculty Librarian, University of Liverpool

I have been Faculty Librarian at the University of Liverpool for over 10 years, looking after subjects as diverse as Education, Civic Design, Criminology and Geography to name a few. Now leading the Humanities & Social Sciences team, I have specific responsibility for liaison with the School of Law & Social Justice, which comprises the Liverpool Law School and the Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology.

Prior to coming to Liverpool my professional library experience was mainly in Law, both in the academic and professional sectors, although I haven’t a legal background as my first degree was history – but don’t ask me to answer any of the yellow questions in Trivial Pursuit, I’m rubbish! Outside of work I enjoy reading, going to the gym, baking (kind of negates the gym…) sport in general (I’m a great armchair tennis coach), visiting the theatre and generally trying to enjoy life with good food, wine and friends.

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