Visits and Events

Forthcoming events

Key resources for social scientists : International women’s day

On the week of International Womens Day we are offering a free online event     11th March 2-4pm via MS Teams

This is the first in our new series of ALISS showcases.  Our team of experts will provide an introduction to the range of free academic online resources that their library/ information service offers . Practical tips on discovery and usage will be provided . Slides / links will be sent to participants. Come along to explore these treasures!

2.00 pm

Emma Pizarro and Gillian Murphy LSE Library

Will offer an introduction to the LSE Library archives and digital Library. Find out about the Suffrage Interviews, online image collections and suffrage newspapers and journals


Katrina Georgiades- British Library

An overview of collection items relating to women’s political history and enfranchisement at the British Library with an especial focus on remote resources. Highlights include the library’s online exhibitions (Spare Rib magazine and oral histories of women’s liberation activists) as well as remote eresource collections (gender feminism and the British left and Scottish women’s suffrage movement).


Meet the Feminist Library of London!

An autonomous feminist community space run by a collective of volunteers, the Feminist Library supports research, activist and community projects. Originally known as the Women’s Research and Resources Centre (WRRC), the Feminist Library was set up in 1975, at the height of the Women’s Liberation Movement (WLM), a time of intense political campaigning and lively collective organising.

The Library holds a large archive collection of feminist literature, particularly Women’s Liberation Movement materials dating from the late 1960s to the 1990s, and materials from activist mobilisations post-2004. staff  will talk about the history of the Library and the unique classification system used to organise the material it holds, as well as plans to digitise our unique and diverse collection, brought forward by the pandemic.

The Feminist Library is an inclusive space that welcomes visitors of any gender and provides an intersectional, non-sectarian space for the exploration of feminism:!/feministlibrary

Past events

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Check out our Past events/ papers

See more photos from our events via Wakelet.

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