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Forthcoming events

Aliss Showcase Key resources for Social Scientists : Oral history Archives: Hidden Voices Online.
3rd November 2.00-4.30pm
 This is the latest in our  new series of ALISS showcases.  Our team of experts will provide an introduction to a number of projects which are producing and digitising oral histories giving voices to individuals and communities who may have been ‘hidden from history’ in the past. Find out  the potential values of using oral history as a research resource. Practical tips on discovery and usage will be provided . Slides / links will be sent to participants. Come along to explore these resources
2.00-2.40: British Library Oral History
Since rising to prominence in the social history movement of the 1970s, oral history has become an increasingly visible and used methodology across academic and public history. British Library Oral History Archivist, Charlie Morgan and Reference Specialist, Steven Dryden join ALISS for a session about the history, uses, abuses and developments of oral history. The session will explore collections held at the British Library, and their relationship to alternative social and historical understandings of minority and underrepresented communities. There will be a special focus on the description and cataloguing of oral history collections, as well as how to navigate and reuse them as a researcher.
2.40 – 3.20 Leonard Cheshire Archive 
Stephanie Nield from the Leonard Cheshire Archive will talk about their sound and oral history projects, that have a focus on charity history and the life experiences of charity volunteers and disabled people. She will guide participants through the Leonard Cheshire ‘Rewind’ website where some of the sound and oral history resources can be viewed..
3.40-4.20 Teeside University oral Histories of the North East
Dr Charlie McGuire Senior Lecturer in History at Teesside University  will discuss his experience in oral history research and the way this has helped inform his approach to university teaching. In particular, he will focus on his current project, which is based on oral histories of the 1980 national steelworkers’ strike. These interviews, which have involved steelworkers from several different regions, including Scotland, South Yorkshire, Teesside and the Black Country, have allowed for a much greater insight, not only into a dispute which at the time was the longest national strike in Britain since 1926, but into the much deeper processes of deindustrialisation that accelerated in the years that followed.  Some of these interviews and other, previously completed oral history project materials have been incorporated into a third-year BA History module that Charlie teaches at Teesside, titled ‘Voices of the Street: Oral Histories of the North East, 1945-1990

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Past events

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