What is ALISS?

ALISS (Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences) is a not-for- profit unincorporated professional society. It is an independent group which was formed in April 2005 by the former committee of ASSIGN (Aslib Social Science Information Group and Network).

Membership is open to:

  • Libraries/ information units in all sectors (government, commercial, voluntary sector, academic sector) associated with the social sciences.
  • Information workers/ librarians at all stages of their careers.

ALISS Xmas Special: How do you know if it worked? Evaluating library projects and services 7th December 2017 – papers being added

Amazing spaces: using library design to enhance organisational goals and user satisfaction. ALISS conference 22nd August 2017– papers now available.

ALISS AGM 2017: Engaging with our users through innovative communication. 20th June 2017- papers now available

Minutes and slides from our latest Disability forum meeting

Forthcoming events

ALISS AGM 2018 – Becoming a CPD Superhero

Contact webmaster in case of website woes.

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