ALISS wishes you an appy christmas! See our recommended research apps

To celebrate 2013 Christmas season. Here is our advent list of recommended apps for students and researchers in the social sciences.

  1. First on our list the British Library apps – includes the 19th century app which has thousands of books covering arrange of topics. for French readers get free access to French historic books from Gallica via the BNF the national Library of France. Try the New York Public Library collections – they have apps for their World’s Fair archives and their Frankenstein and Shelley’s circle collection.
  2. More on books try the Google books app to search for contents pages and free editions. Project Gutenberg provides free access to classic out of copyright texts via its mobile version. Worldcat Mobile allows you to search the library catalogue of the major libraries of the world to locate printed copies
  3. Dictionaries – try for free the American Merriam Webster – which also has words of the day
  4. News services – a good selection are: Bloomberg: business and finance news.BBC news Economist has free access to some editor picks.Politico politics news (mainly usa) Reuters news services.
  5. Maps – try Google Mapsopenstreetmap has mobile versions. Highways agency – traffic app
  6. For Geographers. FieldTrip GB is being developed by EDINA. this will enable mobile data capture
  7. Keep in contact on your field trips using SKYPE for mobile use.
  8. US census data .UK Government data has some mobile apps
  9. more examples of data and publications  from these great international organisation website  World Bank , EU news , IMF data, OECD fact book
  10. try these museum and art galeries online Museum of London the street museum lets you view london streets in the past. V&A.Art galleries Tate includes a dictionary of modern art terms and gallery guides.
    Louvre top 100 paintings and exhibition guide. Metropolitan Museum of Art explorer
  11. Search for articles. Google scholar, medical articles on pubmed . many subscription databasesalso have mobile versions. Try ebsco,
    ISI web of science.
  12. Information literacy – citing and referencing. University of Lincoln Harvard system .University of St Mark & St John, MARGen –  Marjon Academic Reference Generator