ALISS AGM 2014: Developing Digital Literacies for a Digital World

This year the AGM will be held on June 11th at Senate House in the Torrington Room.  It will focus on the theme of developing digital literacies. There is an increasing recognition that in the 21st Century there is a need for everyone to be digitally literate – to possess the capabilities essential for living, learning and working in a digital society. This afternoon event will discuss the nature of the need and how it might be addressed by information professionals

The three speakers will focus on different aspects of the issue and there will be opportunity for questions and discussion.

Dr Charles Inskip will report on the Rilads Project which has been examining the delivery of digital information literacy skills in UK Higher education.

Sally Patalong will provide insight into the digital fluency initiative at Coventry University- a practical project to upskill the library staff.

Beth Clark and Victoria Bird will discuss their work in preparing, delivering and promoting digital literacy training for trainee Graduate Teaching Assistants at SOAS

The afternoon will begin with the AGM followed by the main presentations and mid-afternoon refreshments. It will end at approximately 4.30pm

This event is free to all ALISS members.

Non-members may attend at a fee of £20.00 but may not vote during the AGM

Cancellations must be received by Wednesday 4th June. Please note that non-attendees, or cancellations received after 4th June, will be invoiced for the full cost of £20.

To book email
Heather Dawson

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