Committee Biography: Jennifer Collieson

I am a Senior Information Specialist/Project Manager in the Digital Services team at the Social Care Institute for Excellence where I manage the Social Care Online bibliographic database, and am responsible for coordinating a range of digital development projects.

I started my information career as a chartered librarian in further education followed by several years working in higher education as a subject specialist supporting health and social work degree courses at the former University of North London. In 1998 I moved into the voluntary sector where I spent several years as Head of Information Services for the national charity Action for Children. I have also worked as an information consultant for a number of organisations in the health/social care sector and prior to joining SCIE in 2010, was Head of Information and Knowledge at the National Academy for Parenting Practitioners. I have a strong personal interest in issues relating to ageing and the care of older people, particularly in relation to support for people with dementia.

Outside work I am a keen London historian, genealogist and film fan.
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