Libraries and information services promoting Environmental sustainability- a showcase of good practice and ideas

Libraries and information services promoting Environmental sustainability- a showcase of good practice and ideas 

14th July  2022

Keele University Libraries supporting the University’s sustainability mission through collaborationSteve Parton (Liaison Librarian- Medicine and Health Sciences) and Liz Lafferty (Library Support Services Administrator).

Keele University is a leader in the sector on sustainability. The campus is acting as a living lab for experiments in renewable energy and green technology and sustainability principles are being embedded into the curriculum. It is also committed to delivering net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

But what does sustainability actually mean? And how can libraries contribute to the wider aims of the University in this area?

This presentation addressed these questions by outlining how there is more to sustainability than just purely environmental aspects. It demonstrated how the Library’s Green Team collaborated with a network of staff and students across the University to mitigate challenges and embed the various facets of sustainability into our service.

Libraries as a Lever for Sustainable Change – University College Cork, Martin O’Driscoll, Learning Spaces Co-ordinator.
Ranked 9th globally in the UI Green Metric World University Ranking of sustainable universities. UCC Library has been a lever for sustainable change within the University. This presentation  outlined the journey UCC Library has been on and how it has impacted sustainable practices within the University

Gabrielle Macbeth, Volunteer Co-ordinator at Glasgow Women’s Library and a member of GWL’s “Green Creative Cluster” will introduce the organisation’s efforts to minimise its negative impact on the environment, and the ways in which it is documenting, celebrating and sharing the work women are doing to care for the environment and climate justice.

Using our collections to support climate research- Louise Speller, Map Assistant, National Library of Scotland

This event will not be recorded. We aim to place slides and any other associated materials on our website after the event wherever possible.