2011 AGM: Supporting Researchers: Ebooks Today and the Digital Promises of Tomorrow

Supporting Researchers: Ebooks Today and the Digital Promises of Tomorrow 

  • Growing Knowledge: The Evolution of Research
    Nora Daly, Digital Curator at the British Library which provided insight into the aims of the British Library’s growning knowledge exhibition which is exploring what future research and research environments look like. The slides feature the Haptic Cow which is a simulation tool for veterinary science students.
  • eBooks- the View from SOAS- Joanna Tate 
    An overview of current subscriptions and practises at the School of Oriental and African Studies, by Joanna Tate, Subject Librarian – Politics and Economics
  • eBooks – the View from Bristol – Angela Joyce 
    Another viewpoint from the University of Bristol by Angela Joyce Subject Librarian – Economics, Finance and Management.
  • Digital Publishing Tomorrow 
    Huw Alexander – Rights & Digital Sales Manager, Martha Sedgwick – Senior Manager, Online Products SAGE.

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