Visit to Library, Archives and Museum of the Order of St John

ALISS (Association of Librarians and Information professionals in the Social Sciences) are pleased to announce an opportunity to visit the library/archive and historic buildings of the Order of St John (St John’s Ambulance Service) on 25th July from 1.00- 4.00pm.

The visit will incorporate a tour of the museum, its historic rooms and the Priory Church, plus a talk and tour of the library and archive. The Order of St John houses an extensive library, which includes rare books and manuscripts on the history of the Order. The Museum also contains an archive relating to the history of St John Ambulance and its international humanitarian work. For further details see:

The visit will last approximately 2.5-3 hours

There is no charge for ALISS Members. Visits to the Museum of the Order of St John are free of charge. For guided tours the order suggests a donation of £5 (£4 concessions):

Museum of the Order of St John
St John’s Gate, London, EC1M 4DA
Tel: 0207 324 4005 / 0207 324 4074

To reserve a place please contact: Heather Dawson, ALISS Secretary.

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